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Call for presentations

Closing the gap for a new generation of sound and audiovisual archives

Call for Presentations.
Deadline extended to 28th May 2021.

Given the ongoing uncertainties for international travel, IASA’s conference will again be held online, from 27th to 30th September 2021. And this year we introduce a new innovation: a series of daily sessions corresponding to different time zones that match our global presence. This ensures that everyone can participate, whatever the time in their home nation. Be part of our international community of sound and audiovisual archivists!

IASA wants our current inability to meet physically to be an opportunity to broaden our links with sound and audiovisual archives around the world. The IASA 2021 virtual conference comes at a historic moment as our lives have changed and, consequently, the way our archives work. The preservation of our sound and audiovisual memories has been the aim of IASA for more than half a century. Therefore, this conference is the space in which ideas, projects, and memory for the future are presented and exchanged.

Our virtual conference will be programmed according to three different time zones centred on: the Americas, Europe/Africa, and Australasia. This allows anyone in the world to participate at suitable times, while creating a virtual bridge between nations across all continents.

The conference programmes in each zone will be coordinated by the following institutions:

  • Radio y Televisión Nacional de Colombia (for America)
  • Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (for Europe)
  • Universiti Putra Malaysia (for Asia and Australasia)
  • University of Ghana (for Africa)

We want a strong dialogue that analyses the current situation and discusses the new generation of sound and audiovisual archives. We want to listen to voices from all over the world and try to close the gaps that separate us. Therefore, your participation is necessary to make the IASA 2021 Conference a unique space for reflection.

We intend to provide a virtual platform that gives presenters a choice of either live-streamed videos or pre-recorded videos. Live and pre-recorded presentations will be made available online according to the published schedule.

IASA welcome proposals for conference presentations on the following topics:

  • From cataloguing to interoperable metadata
  • AI applications for discovery and access
  • Copyright and ethics
  • Digital preservation and conservation
  • Research, dissemination, and publication
  • Digital content management
  • The current situation and problems in preserving our audio-visual memory
  • New profiles in audiovisual archives and training

Presentations may be in the following formats:

Spoken presentation 25 minutes A presentation with 5 minutes for Q&A
Expert-led discussion panel 1 hour An in-depth discussion among more than 2 experts, introduced briefly and led by 1 moderator expert in the subject discussed.
Workshop 3 or 6 hours An in-depth, interactive teaching session

All proposals should include the following information:

  • title of your proposal
  • abstract
  • name(s) and other details of the proposed speaker(s), moderator or author(s)
  • presentation format of your contribution
  • the topic that best fits your paper

Important - please read

  • All presentation proposals are subject to acceptance by the Programme Committee.
  • The selection of presentations will be made by 21 June 2021 by the Programme Committee. Presenters will receive their notification via email after this selection.
  • The Programme Committee reserves the right to propose to the presenters to use a different format.
  • All presenters will be required to register before the early bird deadline and to pay any registration fees.
  • If your presentation will be in a language other than English, you will be required to provide the text of an English translation to IASA a week before the event.
  • Presentations will normally be scheduled in the time zone that best matches the presenters' countries. However IASA may ask some presentations to shift to other time zones in order to create a balanced programme.
  • Commercial companies are welcome to present if presenting dual-client case studies, technological breakthroughs, or academically generalized topics. Presentations with an overly commercial tone may be rejected.
  • All presentations may be recorded via audiovisual media and photos. If you explicitly would like to avoid this, please let us know via conferences@iasa-web.org
  • By submitting the form below, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms stated on this page.

How to submit your proposal:

Enter below details of your proposed presentation for the IASA 2021 conference, then press the 'Submit my presentation proposal' button located at the bottom of the page. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful completion of the form.

If you have any questions about submitting a presentation, please use the contact form.

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